Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Program Description

This program aims to develop entrepreneurs who are driven to seek opportunities in their internal and external environments, creating value for society by producing innovative and excellent products and services.

Students of this program are taught hands-on, practical business theories that will help them not just in opening their businesses, but also to make them think and create business ideas that are innovative and socially relevant.

As a final output for this degree, students are required to put up a start-up business which they will need to monitor from pre-organization up to actual operations, results of which are reported in a comprehensive feasibility study. The study should then be defended on a panel of business and accounting professors.

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Program Educational Objectives

Graduates shall progress to be successful entrepreneurs aiding for the advancement of society and contribute to the economic development. They are also expected to employ and promote professionalism, valued leadership and the highest ethical standard in their respective entrepreneurial initiatives and ventures.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of our Entrepreneurship program, after graduation, shall have the ability to:

  1. Perform the basic functions of management such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling.
  2. Apply basic concepts that underlie each of the functional areas of business (marketing, finance human resources management, information technology and strategic management) and employ these concepts in various business situations.
  3. Select the proper decision, making tools to critically analytically and creatively solve problems and drive results.
  4. Express oneself clearly and communicate effectively with stakeholders both in oral and written forms.
  5. Apply information and communication technology (ICT) skills as required by the business environment.
  6. Plan and Implement business related activities.
  7. Exercise high personal moral and ethical standards.
  8. Analyze and scan the environment to determine business opportunities and develop their profitability profiles from which entrepreneurial ventures can be selected from.
  9. Prepare a business plan.
  10. Mobilize the necessary human, financial, logistics and technical resources to implement to implement the business plan.
  11. Operate and manage the enterprise observing good governance and social responsibility.
  12. Apply entrepreneurial management in any organization other than own enterprise.

Business Implementation

Students of our Entrepreneurship program will forgo the usual thesis and research requirements as they are required to conduct a feasibility study of their business of choice and implement it in real life. Our pool of expert faculty will guide these future entrepreneurs from the formation of their businesses up to its actual operations, which will have them applying the theories they learned in the classroom. Students will then be required to defend their business operations and results to a panel of industry experts and educators.


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