Student Research


Guinto, A.S., Ordoño, G.M., Padua, N., Ramos, A.I., Salapate, A.G., Commercialization of Lanzones Juice in the Philippines


Ang, K.C., Angeles, E., Biscocho, J., Pascual, E., Rodriguez, C., Saiki, E., Manufacturing of Ironing Board with Full Body Mirror in the Philippines


Alcance, M.D., Estiala, J.C., Gonzales, G., oyco, P.M.A., Ureta, A.R., A Feasibility study on the Potential and Commercialization of Tawa- Tawa and Fresh Apple Juice Concoction as a Remedy for the Dengue Virus


Cabarrubias, F., Cailing, R.T., Castillo, I.Y., Malabi, F.Z., Veloso, L.N. Cuboid: wind-Powered Shipping Container Homes


Balagot, Z.A., Bernabe, P.C. FLIP BAGS


Guinto, D.R., Madamba, K.G., Café Antix


Lo, P., Ty, F.M. Villareal, M.K., KWELYO CLOTHING CO.


Camua, J., Igarta, J.J.A., Joven, N.S., Guzman, M., Sibulo, E.V., Manufacturing and Exporting of Coconut Paste


Alfonso, G.V., Alzaga, R.A., Co-Learning Spaces for University Students "Cubby"


Gabriel, A.C., AC Heavenly Garden Mushroom Plantation


Del Mundo, E.M.A., Gidoc, J.A., Holgado, H.G., Sargento, S., Senolos, D., Commercialization of Innovated Concrete Hollow Blocks Incorporated with Chicken Feathers and Human


Miranda, J.P., Soliman, K.E., Sevilla, D.J., Pinoon, R.P., Villacorte, D.K., Mobile Consultancy Application


Foronda, P.C., Foronda's Farm


Que, S., Bamboo Air Deodorizer


Cordero, A., Mehia, M.L., Ramos, M.A., Santos, P., Shabibi, S., SPHOT: Online Live Parking Count Mobile Application