Mapua Junior Marketing Association Participates in Juan Big Idea

Officers from the Mapua Junior Marketing Association (MJMA) went to Batangas State University to join the Philippine Junior Marketing Association’s yearly interscholastic event called Juan Big Idea. The event involved speakers from different companies who imparted knowledge about the essential skills and important information that every marketer should have and should know about in today’s digital era. The MJMA officers who attended the national event were (from L-R in the picture): Christian Randrup, Head of Marketing; Kaira Dela Cruz, Member; Alyanna Mangahas, President; Katrisha Ariones, Internal Vice President; and Angelo Randrup, External Vice President. MJMA is one of ETYSBM's three official and recognized student organizations in the School and is catered to students interested in Marketing. It is officially accredited by the Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA), the foremost national student association for marketing students and aspirants.

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