Mapua Junior Marketing Association (MJMA)

The Mapúa Junior Marketing Association is recognized as an organization in the University that aims to produce highly competitive individuals who will become key players in the growth of business and marketing industry in the Philippines.

Organizational Mission

To prepare members acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of marketing in order to be capable and effective marketing practitioners once they graduate.

Organizational Officers

President: Resido, Jannika
Vice President for External Affairs: Reyes, Ausline Rayne
Vice President for Internal Affairs: Catahan, Marivie
Vice President for Finance: Wong, Niell Andrew
Executive Secretary: Tuliao, Kathleen Joy
Associate Secretary: Yang, Karylle Jelle
Director for Marketing and Promotions: Casual, John Anthony Ace
Director for Events and Logistics: Digan, Kenneth James
Director for Creatives: Mariano, Ira
Associate Director for Creatives: Canlas, Chanelle Chloe
Director for Communications and Relations: Ison, Isabelle Patricia
Associate Director for Communications and Relations: Dela Cruz, Francheska Ann
COO Representative: Resido, Jannika

Organizational Adviser: Prof. Dhonn Q. Tomas

Contact Details

Facebook: Mapua Junior Marketing Association
Twitter: @ILoveMapuaJMA