Chief Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO)

The first ETYSBM organization that catered to Entrepreneurship students, the Chief Entrepreneur's Organization, which is now a student organization open to all students, aims to perceive as a student organization that will create highly competitive and resilient innovators who will become significant players in the startup ecosystem, creating projects that will change the world.

Organizational Mission

To dedicate ourselves in developing its members in becoming driven game changers and establish a community that aims to create and innovate to solve problems.

Organizational Officers

President: Pelones, Sophia Christina
Executive Vice President: Alviar, Emilio IV
External Vice President: Reforma, David John
Internal Vice President: Larion, Christzle Mhel
Secretary: Corpus, Jahleel Anson Kyle
Finance Director: Gutierrez, Deanna

Marketing and Promotions Director: Bulawan, Lyka
Marketing and Promotions Coordinator: Lucea, Janna
Marketing and Promotions Coordinator: Amortizado, Antonio Luis

Creative Director: Cruz, Angel Blue Nicolette
Creative Coordinator: ​Oquiana, Jenesis Laurence

Community Director: Cangco, Gemelle
Committee: Paderanga, Emilio
Committee: Angeles, Jacob
Committee: Briones, Ivy

Organizational Advisers:
- Prof. Mac Franceau Panuncialman
- Prof. Marthinson Villanueva

Contact Details

Facebook: Chief Entrepreneurs' Organization