Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Enhance Higher Education Value-Added for Better Graduate Employability

The BEEHIVE project is co-funded through the Erasmus+ programme for capacity building in higher education. It combines the efforts of universities in Indonesia, Philippines, Bulgaria, Greece, Iceland and Italy. In addition, the consortium includes the Idea Space Foundation form the Philippines and the WestBIC Innovation and Management Centre in Ireland. The project’s chief end is to build sustainable university-based entrepreneurial ecosystems at the universities involved from Indonesia and the Philippines and to enhance their students’ and graduates’ employability and ability to create jobs. Furthermore, the project strives to support these universities’ transformation into entrepreneurial universities.

The ETYSBM in-charge for the BEEHIVE project is Dr. Marthinson M. Villanueva.


by Business Administration students: 
  • Radigundo Custodio, II
  • Romhar Khan Afsar
  • Lourvin Rato Oabel
Facial clay mask with fermented squash
by Business Administration students:
  • Romina Rozzette Pancho
  • Patricia Penacerrada
  • Hallie Winslet Soriano
  • Mark Joshua Garcia
ZpritZ Hair and Blouse Odor Buster
by Business Administration students:
  • Rizza Mae Torres
  • Michael Edel Genova