About Us

Welcome to the E.T. Yuchengco School of Business & Management (ETYSBM).



The ETYSBM is committed to the development of the student to become an instrument for growth and development in the country. The MIT-YSBM shall hone the skills and develop the personality of its students so they will become agents of positive change in the business community and society in general.

The ETYSBM envisions its students to be conscientious and responsible leaders. They shall strive to better the lives of their stakeholders through sound management practices. They shall endeavor to provide opportunities for themselves and others through enterprise. They shall serve as the conscience of their organization as a corporate citizen through uncompromising adherence to ethical values. They shall serve as role models for the rest of the community as business leaders and professionals.


The E.T. Yuchengco School of Business and Management shall be an International Center of Excellence in Business and Management Education. It shall nurture and motivate the students to become professional leaders in their chosen field of endeavor. This shall be made possible through the following:

·    By providing the students with a curriculum that is balanced between theory and practice

·    By promoting the active participation of students in the learning process through student-centered teaching methodologies

·    By exposing the students to current trends, ideas, issues and methods in management through industry-practitioner and experience-laden faculty members

·    By inculcating a culture of excellence and innovation through challenging academic and research work

·    By instilling in them the highest standards of ethics and social responsibility


BS major in Business Administration:

  • General Management
  • Marketing Management
  •  Entrepreneurship
  • Accountancy

BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management


General Management

This program is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills necessary to become future managers and leaders in various industries.  Students will be trained in diverse areas of business such as operations, production, and supply chain management.  Technical knowledge leaning toward engineering is integral in this course.  Primarily, students will be developed in quantitative and statistical techniques to achieve efficiency in the workplace.


Graduates of this course are geared to be future managers of top corporations as Mapuans are known to be strategic planners and excellent role models to their colleagues.


Subjects in this program include Operations Management, Strategic Management,


Marketing Management

This program is designed to develop the analytical and creative thinking skills of future marketing leaders.  In this program, topics such as Marketing Mix, Strategic Planning, Analysis and Creative Problem Solving will be tackled.  Students are expected to be able to develop marketing plans that are attuned to the dynamic business environment. 


Decision making process is an important focus in this course as this skill is essential to become effective marketing managers and directors in this very goal-oriented industry.  A globalized world-view will be emphasized in this program as the internet age has broken down borders and marketers are now required to think globally.


Subjects in this program include Marketing Management, Band Management, Consumer Behavior, Global Marketing, Advertising Management, and Market Research.



This program is designed to equip future entrepreneurs to successfully navigate through this very challenging field.  If there is one thing Mapuan entrepreneurs, it could be summed to one word: Innovation.  The Mapuan heritage of engineering is also applied this course so students of this course are expected to come up business that provide solutions to the numerous challenges that modern-day businesses face.


Graduates of this course are equipped with skills in calculated risk-taking, business valuation, and business plan writing.


Subjects in this course include Entrepreneurial Management, Strategic Management, Family Entrepreneurship,